Pure'Tray™ Bathtub Tray

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  • Description
  • You will never want to leave your bathtub

    We know you've dreamed of enjoying a relaxing bath while watching your favorite show with a glass of wine. Now your dream comes true with our Pure'Tray™.

    A level of comfort never experienced before

    You deserve a bathing experience that takes you as close to perfection as possible. Our Pure'Tray™  allows you to put a glass of your favorite drink, a book, a candle, your soap, or any other object, granting you the privilege of a luxurious bath.

    We uniquely designed our Bamboo Tray to gift you an exclusive experience every time you take a bath.

    A unique experience

    1. Versatile and adjustable: You can easily readjust the size of your tray. It is ergonomically designed to fit every bathtub available in the market and hold anything you need to feel comfortable: any of your devices (phones, tablets, laptops), books, bath tools, drinking glasses, bowls, or even food!

    2. Waterproof and long-lasting: Our Pure’Tray™ is made of high-quality natural Bamboo wood - a tropical plant with high moisture tolerance - Ideal for use in the bathroom and designed to be waterproof and last for a very long time, letting you enjoy luxurious baths every time. 

    3. Natural look: Bamboo wood gives an exotic tone and a spa atmosphere to your bathroom.

  • Features
    • Material: Bamboo

    • Bearing capacity: 11 lbs.

    • Normal size: 27.5 x 8.75 x 1.5 inches

    • Extended size: 41.5 x 8.75 x 1.5 inches

    • Weight: 3 lbs.

  •  FAQ
  • Is there a lock on the table so that it will fit on the tub without sliding/falling into water?

    The tray slides open to fit the width of the tub. There is no locking mechanism but the tray falling onto the water has never been an issue for any of our customers.

    If I get water on it (from the shower), is it water-proof, or more importantly, will it warp?

    Since it's bamboo it will not warp. Water will not damage it. You can remove it before taking a shower.


    What is the size of the cell phone tray?

    It fits an Apple iPhone nicely. 


    Can I use it as a breakfast tray in bed? 

    Yes, you can use it in your bed, and also on your desk.


    What is the length of this bathtub tray?

    The length of our Pure'Tray is 27.5 inches to 41.5 inches when extended


    One side of my tub is against a wall - will this still fit?

    As long as there's enough of a lip for it to sit on it will fit.

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