Pure'Vacuum™ Handheld Mini Vacuum

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Do you need to effortlessly clean your home or your car in the blink of an eye without having to plug in a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner? Are you tired of the little dust that gets embedded in all parts of your car interior?

    Introducing our Pure'Vacuum™  Handheld Mini Vacuum

    No more dust, animal hair, sand, and other food residues with our Pure'Vacuum™  Smart Handheld Mini VacuumThanks to its small size, you can store it anywhere and take it out whenever you need to. 

    • Great suction power and innovative design: Our Pure'Vacuum™ will easily and quickly eliminate a wide range of debris, even in hard-reach spaces.
    • Excellent battery autonomy: You will no longer have to plug in your Vacuum cleaner, Our Pure'Vacuum™ is wireless and has a powerful rechargeable battery that can last up to 1 hour of use.
    • A multitude of uses: It is designed to be used on any surface you will need to clean: car, sofa, bed, computer, etc. Adaptable, and very light, you can take it everywhere and keep anything you want clean.
    • Unique accessories: The accessories supplied with the device will delight you during its use: 2 tips adapted to the most inaccessible places as well as a storage pocket. All surfaces you need to clean then become accessible.



    The filter consisting of three layers ensures that it does not fill up with dirt in a short time, after three days of using a normal vacuum cleaner filter is already dirty when the Pure'Vacuum™ ’s filter remains clean.

    Easy to maintain and to clean


    Technical specifications

    Materials: aluminum

    Usage time: 1 hour

    Charging cable: type C

    Charging time: about 3h


    Where I can buy the filter replacement?

    We have the filter replacement, which can be used 2~3months. We will notify you or you can contact us for the replacement.


    Does it have strong suction?

    Yes, it is tested 8000Pa suction.

    Can I use it in my car?

    Sure, it is widely suitable for home, office, and car.


    What is the weight of the mini vacuum, is it very light?

    It is 1.45LB. Adults and kids can use it easily. Also convenient to take along.


    Will the indicator light be on when charging?

    Yes, the red indicator twinkles when charging, and when the charging is completed it will turn blue.


    Is it used as a wet vacuum?

    It is not for liquid but dust and pet hair, scraps, oatmeal.

    Shipping & Returns

     Delivery in 7 to 15 business days. Please allow 2-3 days for processing.

    We are so confident that you are going to be happy with your order that, if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll refund you completely.