Pure'LED™ Smart Motion Sensor LED

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  • Description
  • Lighting reinvented

    Lighting is the ultimate secret for a cozy home. That’s why our engineering team came up with our Pure’LED™, a Motion Sensor LED Lights: Specifically designed to gift you the most magical experience in your home: you simply walk or open a door and the light turns on!

    Pure’LED™ is a Motion Sensor LED strip that provides comfortable and cozy ambient lighting everywhere in your home. You no longer need to find the on/off button during your sweet nocturnal awakenings.

    Consisting of 10 LED lights and one motion-activated sensor, our Pure’LED™ strip provides a soft, warm light that illuminates from under your bed, in your closet, or even on your stairs so you can comfortably see where you're stepping in the dark.

    Motion-Sensor Technology: Simply Magical

    Our Pure'LED™ Motion Sensor LED Light is of premium quality, we built it to last. It will automatically sense your presence within 80 inches, at an angle of 120 degrees. You no longer have to worry about turning on/off the light when you wake up in the middle of the night. You wake up, move, and watch the magic happen: FIAT LUX (“Let there be light” in Latin).

    Easy to install

    Our  Pure'LED™ Smart Motion Sensor LED is made of aluminum with a built-in magnet, you just need to place it on a metal surface, and it will naturally stick to the surface.

    If you don't have a metallic surface, you will receive in addition to the lamp and its USB cable, a metal tab with adhesive tape that you will stick anywhere you want.

    A Sustainable and Eco-friendly way to illuminate your home

    Compared to other LED lights on the market, our Pure'LED™ offers a more powerful light output while remaining environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means that your energy consumption will be reduced by up to 60%, allowing you to make significant savings on your electricity bills.

    You don’t need bulky batteries to recharge our Pure’LED. We designed it to be easily rechargeable: each strip comes with its own USB cable, which you can plug into any device or adapter. 

    What is included?


    x1 Motion Sensor LED strip

    x1 USB Cable

    x1 Metal tab with adhesive tape


    How do they turn on/off & Install?

    Our Pure'LED™ has a motion sensor ball in the middle of the LED Strip, it senses motion within 2 Meters, and it automatically turns off after 15 seconds if no motion is detected!

    Our smart mounting design allows hassle-free Installation, packed with 2 small magnetic pieces, which you just Peel to reveal the adhesive and Stick on to any surface, then simply attach the Light magnetically. 

    What activates the motion sensor?

    The sensor is activated when it senses body heat. Therefore it can trigger in darkness when one steps out of bed.

    Can I use these lights say in the bathroom or a hallway?

    Pure'LED™ can be put everywhere in your home. At this time it is not waterproof so they should not be used in environments exposed to moisture/water. Unless it's used under shelter (for example deck stairs with a roof or in a balcony). We're working on an outdoor version! Follow us for updates on that.

    I have a huge blanket that moves around at night, would that trigger the sensor to activate?

    This is a PRI sensor that reacts to body heat and motion. When it detects heat and motion, it will activate. A person or an animal will trigger the lights to activate. A blanket will only trigger if it is still warm with sufficient body heat.

    How close do you have to get to the sensor for it to read body heat and turn on?

    The sensor can detect heat and motion from about 10ft in an arc of 120 degrees.

    What are the two modes & how does it charge?

    Motion Sensing - This means it is set to turn on within the sensing range
    Always On - A manual override to keep the light on for as long as you need

    They charge via the USB cable provided with Pure'LED™, which can plug into any device or adapter!



    1.Automatic Motion Sensors

    2.Perfect for Kitchens, Corridors, Closets

    3.USB Rechargeable & Easy to Install

    4.Cost-Efficient & Energy Saving

    5. 7.48 inches long


    Shipping & Returns

    We truly believe we make some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 45 days guarantee.