Pure'Dish™ Dish Drying Rack

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  • Description
  • Description
  • A shelf specifically designed to store all your dishes and more…

    Usually, drainers take up space in your kitchen, water does not flow well, you can't put all your dishes on it...

    A Multi-Layer Hanging Shelf

    We designed our Pure'Shelf™ Dish Drying Shelf to solve all of these problems. It will allow you to store everything your kitchen needs.

    You can store all your dishes at the same time, as well as your sponges and household products.

    Functional and easy to install

    Our hanging dish rack is very functional. It will help you save more space on your kitchen counter since you just need to hang anything on our Pure'Shelf™. We thought about everything: we designed it to be easily installed. It can sure hold a load of up to 44 lbs. You can be sure that your dinnerware is safe to place on this rack.

    1.Make your kitchen counter stay clean and organized.

    2.Store not only wet dishes but also kitchenware and all kinds of jars.

    3. Help you save more space on your kitchen worktop

    4.Support up to 44 lbs.



    The Pure'Shelf™ Dish Drying rack includes

    • 10 x hooks
    • 1 x dish rack
    • 1 x bowl rack
    • 1x knife holder
    • 1 fruit & vegetable basket
    • 1 x Chopping board/pot cover holder
    • 1x square basket/detergent holder
    • 1x double cutlery holder
    • 1 x glass rack
    • 1 x paper towel holder.
    • Mounting Clips



    My sink is 33'' from edge to edge, will this fit?

    YES. The length of the sink should be ≤ 33 inch.

    What are the washers and suction cups for? Why aren’t they on the instructions?

    The suction cups go on all four corners on the bottom to hold the rack in place and prevent slipping. The washers go between the screw and the frame.

    Does the water dripping off the dishes most just wind up on the counter?

    Right back in the sink! Unless you have the cup rack or tray rack off you either side hanging over your counter.

    How do you dry pots and pans in this? The attachment that comes with it seems to only be a holder. Where does that go on the organizer?

    There are two items offered. One is the “over the sink” dish, utensil & accouterment holder that allows all of the above to drip dry into the sink below. The other is a pot and lid organizer intended to make pots and lids more accessible.

    What is the max weight it can hold?

    We had Load-Bearing Test for our dish rack which has a load-bearing capacity of 44lbs, It is a very sturdy and stable rack, First, it is made from strong steel material. Second, scientific design in physics and engineering and we promise the quality of our dish racks with fine workmanship.

    This a stand-alone system that will work without having to be anchored to a wall?

    This is stand alone. No anchor needed.

    Shipping & Returns

     Delivery in 7 to 15 business days. Please allow 2-3 days for processing.

    We are so confident that you are going to be happy with your order that, if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll refund you completely.